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Dean's Message

Faculty of Management and Hospitality 

Prof TOH

Professor TOH Kian Lam, PBM
Faculty of Management, Hospitality and

General Education



Welcome to the Faculty of Management and Hospitality (FMH) at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)!


At FMH, we offer a variety of cutting-edge undergraduate programmes put together by our faculty’s distinguished team of experts, ranging from the traditional business management degrees including Professional Accounting, Public Relations and International Events Management, to niche programmes such as Hotel Operations Management, Culinary Arts and Management, as well as Sports and Recreation Management. What sets FMH apart is our dedication towards providing our students with a holistic education through an interdisciplinary teaching approach, in hopes of empowering them to make a bigger difference to their communities, nation and the world. When today’s biggest challenges are increasingly interrelated and can no longer be successfully tackled by single-domain expertise, the opportunities of tomorrow lie in the hands of those capable of synergising insights outside of their specific disciplines with their own areas of knowledge. Our general education (GE) curriculum thus plays a vital role in this endeavour. We seek to instil in our students an understanding of the bigger picture, the ability to think critically, comprehensively and globally, as well as the versatility to adapt easily to changes in both the workplace and global environment. As testament to our unique teaching pedagogy, employers are consistently impressed by the quality of students nurtured by the Faculty — our graduates enjoy a consistently high rate of employment of more than 94%.


Beyond graduating with a globally recognised degree and attaining a career of their dreams, my personal vision for the faculty is to have our students leave the gates of FMH with an everlasting desire to engage in lifelong learning. With the multitude of protean developments pervading today’s business landscape, disruption has undoubtedly become our new normal. The world will continue to undergo rapid changes over the coming decades as a result of various technological advancements, from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to 6G. In fact, many jobs of today did not exist in the past; some of them did not even exist a decade ago! As such, how can we ensure that our students are not only job and industry-ready but also future-ready? I look forward to working with the FMH team to nurturing our students into nimble, adaptable and flexible business leaders capable of scaling the ever-evolving environment. Through promoting reskilling, upskilling and deep-skilling, members of the FMH family — both staff and students — will continue staying relevant and future-ready.


If you are seeking a top-class education that will prepare you to thrive in today’s rapidly-changing and fast-paced business landscape, there is no better place than the FMH. I invite you to join us in this exciting journey ahead.


Last but not least, in times as unprecedented as the Covid-19 pandemic, rest assured that our staff and students’ wellbeing remains FMH’s top priority. As we look forward to welcoming students back for the new academic year — be it virtually and/or physically — we are committed to upholding the high quality of education that FMH is known for, while taking necessary precautions in line with the Hong Kong government’s advisories. Together, we will emerge stronger and ready to tackle any obstacles ahead once the Covid-19 crisis is over.


I wish you the best of health during these difficult times, and as always, my office is always open to suggestions as we continue shaping FMH into a better place for staff and students. 


Professor TOH Kian Lam (KL), PBM


Faculty of Management, Hospitality and General Education