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Introduction of Poverty Alleviation Measure: Food Bank

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  • Date31 March 2015

Introduction of Poverty Alleviation Measure: Food Bank

Connie Ng

Food Bank

About the speaker

Connie Ng is a Senior Service Manager of Charity Services of St. James’ Settlement since 2013. She has been working as a Service Manager of People’s Food Bank for 7 years. Recently, she has joined the Association of Asian Foodbanks and has been appointed to be the representative of Hong Kong of the Steering Committee.


Hong Kong’s first official poverty line was developed in 2013. Since then, Hong Kong people have a better understanding about poverty situation in the city. The establishment of the official poverty line also shows Hong Kong people’s earnest desire to have a clear direction for the Hong Kong government in designing different poverty alleviation measures. This talk will discuss about the recent poverty situation in Hong Kong. It will introduce the concept and the development of Hong Kong’s food bank services as well as the operation of St. James’ Settlement People’s Food Bank. Question and answer session will be offered after the sharing.


Date: 31 March 2015 (Tuesday)

Time: 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, THEi Building

Language: English

For enquiries, please contact Miss Eros WONG at 2176 1406

Introduction of Poverty Alleviation Measure: Food Bank