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GE Core Module – Technology, Society & Work

GE Core Module - Technology, Society & Work

Module Information

Why study GEC4305 Technology, Society & Work?

This module aims to provide students with a basic understanding of the impacts of science and technology on society and the workplace. Students will be exposed to basic ideas, concepts, and principles in science and technology that allow both self-exploration and application to contemporary issues and professional life, with an emphasis on proposing scientific and technological solutions to productivity enhancement, sustainable development and challenges in the digital age.


The following core concepts and ideas will be introduced to students:


  1. Introduction to Science & Technology: The Past, Present and Future
  2. Impacts of Breakthrough Technology
  3. Technological Sustainable Development & Socially Responsible Behaviour
  4. The Challenges of the Digital Age

Teaching and Learning Strategies


The module is organised into four themes that require students to engage on the impacts of different aspects of technology on society and the workplace. The focus is on integrative questions that draw on a range of disciplinary perspectives and build deep learning.  A range of teaching and learning approaches and strategies will be adopted to facilitate student learning. Direct instruction in lectures will be used to communicate basic enabling information and concepts. In tutorials, students will have the opportunity to engage with the lecture concepts and materials through discussions, debate, exercises, problem-based learning, experiential learning and group assignments. All learning activities will be designed to facilitate the student learning and enhance their generic skills.


  1. Describe the scientific and technological development in society and workplace;
  2. Analyse the advancement of human society by understanding the breakthroughs in different aspects of science and technology;
  3. Evaluate and propose solutions to contemporary issues caused by the consequences of scientific and technological development; and
  4. Work cooperatively with other students on tasks/projects using oral and written forms of communication.