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GE Core Module – Creativity and Innovation in Society

GE Core Module - Creativity and Innovation in Society

Module Information

Why study Creativity and Innovation in Society?

The module aims to provide students with a basic understanding of the ideas, historical development, and social and economic impacts of creativity and innovation.  This module will incorporate aspects of various thinking techniques to generate innovative ideas and solutions when confronted with challenging problems and complex user-centred issues.  This module will enable students to integrate various skills in creativity, innovation, and the decision-making process, as well as learn how to apply them to their professions and daily lives.


The following core concepts and ideas will be introduced to students:

Unit 1: Innovation Context & Strategy

Unit 2: Creativity

Unit 3: The Design Thinking Process

Unit 4: Innovations in application


Teaching and Learning Activities

This module is organised around a set of topics that nurture students’ innovation and team collaboration skills in a multi-disciplinary environment.  The focus will be placed on the development of students’ creative potentials.  Students will learn and be able to apply the basic thinking skills and techniques to discover real-life problems, generate new ideas, propose new products/services, and analyse the feasibility.

  1. Describe the development and characteristics of different thinking techniques;
  2. Analyse the roles, applications and impacts of different thinking techniques in innovation, creative problem solving, and the decision-making process;
  3. Evaluate and propose solutions to contemporary issues in the application and contexts of innovations; and
  4. Work cooperatively with other students on tasks/projects using oral and written forms of communication.