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VTC Halls of Residence

Non-local Students/THEi Students (Applicable to AY2024-2025 New Students)



Due to the limited availability of accommodation places at the VTC Halls of Residence, dormitory spaces will be allocated through a lottery draw system, depending on the demand.


Application Schedule

  1st Round Application (Extended) 2nd Round Application 
Application Period 15/4/2024 - 24/5/2024 25/5/2024 - 17/7/2024
Announcement of dormitory allocation results 29/5/2024 25/7/2024
Payment period of dormitory fees 29/5/2024 - 7/6/2024 25/7/2024 - 3/8/2024


All students who are not assigned to a dormitory will automatically enter the waiting list application and the results of the dormitory allocation will be announced on 12/8/2024.


The Hall Management Office of the Vocational Training Council has the final decision-making authority for dormitory allocation. 

International Living and Learning Experience

The VTC Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi) was officially open at the start of academic year 2016/17.


The newly-built twelve-storey dormitory provides student accommodation with supporting facilities, including pantries, common rooms and activity rooms. It offers a comfortable and friendly environment for residents. It will enriches cultural exchange experiences, study life and adds value to the whole person development and learning experiences of students.


As a hub of activities and excitement, the dormitory will enable local students to interact with their peers and overseas students who stay to have a glimpse of Asia culture.  


360° visualisation of the VTC Halls of Residence


VTC Halls of Residence

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