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Tuition fees and living cost

Tuition fee: Tuition fees for THEi’s degree programmes range from HK$ 349,140 to HK$ 454,080*, please refer to our programme list for details.


  • Administration & Registration Fees: HK$20,000 (which includes HK$5,000 Registration Fee and Administration Fee of HK$15,000)
  • Application Fee: HK$200


* Tuition fee for Degree programmes are calculated based on the minimum 129 / 132 credit points required for graduation on a yearly average.


Cost of Living in Hong Kong: 

Living expenses may vary considerably according to your personal circumstances and lifestyle choices. 

  Monthly (HK$)1
Accommodation and utilities: Halls of Residence $2560
Accommodation and utilities: off-campus ^ $3890 or above
Meals $1556 or above
Public transport with student Octopus Card * $467 or above
Personal and leisure $1167 or above

^ Off-campus accommodation fee is estimated based on the rent of a small flat shared by 4 persons. * Concessionary fare on public transportation with student Octopus Card. 

The exchange rate: 1 US$ =7.78 HK$